Saturday, March 26, 2011

Experimental YouTube/Facebook Online Scene Class

Cheap, Fast and Good!

Sign up for my online scene class and you can apply the entire $39.99 toward my Pro or Comp Analysis within 30 days.  Or just take the class.  Send a short scene in by Monday and then watch some Youtube clips and read the feedback whenever you can.
See the above link for all of the details.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Scene Writing Analysis - Temporary Service

I got a two-month extension on the scene writing book and because of copyright issues, I am going to have to use scenes from unknown writers, so not only am I offering a service for below my hourly rate, I may be checking to see if some of you want to have your scene(s) included in the book for a modest licensing fee.  It would be completely optional.

Since I am in the scene-writing zone, I am offering a 10-page analysis of the scene writing craft in your script.  I will focus pretty intensely on as many scenes as I can and then summarize the areas and principles on which you should focus. 

This will help intermediate and advanced writers hone their craft with micro-level analysis that is special in two ways: no one else offers this sort of feedback and I am exceptionally good at it.

My background as a filmmaker is part of the reason I am suited for this sort of criticism.  I have watched the same scene performed 400 times in one week during auditions.  I have wrestled with a scene for a month as a filmmaker.  I have rebuilt sets from scratch a year later to pick up the one thing we missed from the original scene.  I have my Malcom Gladwell 10,000-hour Certification on scene writing.  ;-)

I did an extensive analysis of a scene here but this was from a novice writer's very first script.  I think this service is more suited to intermediate and advanced writers who have written a few scripts and want to find a new way accelerate their craft.

Use the same Paypal address at (jim@) and send script in FD or a form where I can put notes in the document itself and make cuts and changes for the sake of rhetoric.  Actually, PDFs work well.  The rate is $500.

Topics: subtext, subtexting (my word), getting in late and out early, blocking, action description, beats, the event, importance, moment before, what am I fighting for?, theme tweaks/reframes, props, motifs, role-playing, use of setting, exploitation of concept, humor, making the movie castable and a zillion other things...