Friday, March 4, 2011

Scene Writing Analysis - Temporary Service

I got a two-month extension on the scene writing book and because of copyright issues, I am going to have to use scenes from unknown writers, so not only am I offering a service for below my hourly rate, I may be checking to see if some of you want to have your scene(s) included in the book for a modest licensing fee.  It would be completely optional.

Since I am in the scene-writing zone, I am offering a 10-page analysis of the scene writing craft in your script.  I will focus pretty intensely on as many scenes as I can and then summarize the areas and principles on which you should focus. 

This will help intermediate and advanced writers hone their craft with micro-level analysis that is special in two ways: no one else offers this sort of feedback and I am exceptionally good at it.

My background as a filmmaker is part of the reason I am suited for this sort of criticism.  I have watched the same scene performed 400 times in one week during auditions.  I have wrestled with a scene for a month as a filmmaker.  I have rebuilt sets from scratch a year later to pick up the one thing we missed from the original scene.  I have my Malcom Gladwell 10,000-hour Certification on scene writing.  ;-)

I did an extensive analysis of a scene here but this was from a novice writer's very first script.  I think this service is more suited to intermediate and advanced writers who have written a few scripts and want to find a new way accelerate their craft.

Use the same Paypal address at (jim@) and send script in FD or a form where I can put notes in the document itself and make cuts and changes for the sake of rhetoric.  Actually, PDFs work well.  The rate is $500.

Topics: subtext, subtexting (my word), getting in late and out early, blocking, action description, beats, the event, importance, moment before, what am I fighting for?, theme tweaks/reframes, props, motifs, role-playing, use of setting, exploitation of concept, humor, making the movie castable and a zillion other things...


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