Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Current Deals Through January 2012 - Discounts for Champion Entrants

Dear Writers,

Happy New Year!

I will be reading 100 quarter-finalist scripts for the Champion Competition in January, so if you sign up now and can wait a few weeks, here are some current deals.

All Entrants to the 2011 Champion Screenwriting Competition can have a 5% discount on my Professional or Comprehensive Analysis Services.  Quarterfinalists can have 10% discount since I will be reading their script anyway.

Also, I will be offering any extra seats in the Champion Lab to quarterfinalists and entrants as soon as I announce the dates.  There will be a huge discount for those who know they want to attend and sign up immediately after the announcement.

For All Potential Coaching and Mentoring Clients

Sign up for Coaching or Mentoring and you can attend the Champion Lab or the Ellen Sandler TV lab that will probably be in February.  (2011 Champion Entrants who sign up for coaching or mentoring will receive a $100 travel reimbursement/stipend if they attend.)

Or you can receive one of the first produced copies of my multi-disc Screenwriting DVD set I am finishing up.  It will have 6-10 DVDs, a minimum of 10 hours or material and a retail price between $259-$399.


Champion Development Notes are always available.  Just email us at info@champ...iting.com.  Fill in the blanks (ionscreenwr).

Visit my site or email me with any questions.

Jim Mercurio