Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Deals for ISA Folks and a New Testimonial! Good till end of Month!

Thanks for checking out my site and blog.  Mention ISA or my Consultant Blast and sign up this month and you can take advantage of one of the deals below.  And check out the testimonial from one of my most recent clients.


1) Free seat in one of the Champion Labs or Ellen Sandler's TV Lab near the end of the year... probably January.
2) One of the first produced copies of the Screenwriting DVD set I am working on.  4-8 DVDS, 10-20 hours...don't know the exact details yet but the retail value will be $2-400

(If we are starting with a completed script, first round of notes will be in early November and December, respectively for first two sign ups.)


1) Free copy of Killer Endings or Theme.  (Professional = both)   ($50/$100 value)
2) 10% AFM Discount.  Save me some time...let's do a lunch or coffee meeting at AFM as a way to save 3-4 pages of notes.  You will still get 8-14 pages of notes.


I am not going to be able to fit in any more coverages this year, but you can sign up for Champion Development Notes at my site. You will receive approximately four pages of notes for $250 from one of my senior Champion readers.


"After working with Jim for a brief time, the one word that pops into my head is - "WOW!"  I've worked with and spoken to many of the top script consultants in LA, but Jim is truly the BEST OF THE BEST!  

This is how I would like compare Jim to the other top notch script consultants in LA:

The Normal Script Consultant Approach - Find everything wrong with your script, then tell you everything that you MUST take out because it just won't work... period..  Any solutions?  Nope... but you can always work on it more, then pay me for another service. 

Jim's Approach - Find everything that isn't currently working (in a non-criticizing, non-judgmental way) then use creativity, originality, and knowledge to try to find a way to solve the problem and make it work.  If a scene, subplot, etc. just isn't working, Jim will offer a solution.   

Bottom line, Jim evaluates screenplays from an entirely different approach than all the rest.  He's the Master when it comes to character development and using the "Sequences Approach" to properly structure a screenplay.  Jim is also funny and extremely easy to talk to.  My only regret - I wish I would've found Jim 5 years ago when I started screenwriting.  It would've saved me a lot of money and a lot of time."

                                                                               Kevin Lehr

Let me know if you have any questions.
Jim Mercurio