Thursday, April 21, 2011


Cutting to the chase.  The economy sucks.  This business is tough. I just found 3000 hours to direct a movie over the past 18 months for a salary less than I charge for Script Coaching, so I get it.  ;-)

I have been willing to offer payment plans for clients and even accepted a Guitar Center Gift card as barter.  But I still need $500 Gift card for the American Telecaster.  Mostly kidding.

With this idea in mind, I canvassed  parents, step-kids, wife and dog to come up with an official list of acceptable barter.  And, you know what, I don't judge.  Employee discount, Regifting...I am not going to hold that against you.

Gift Cards: Guitar Center ($600ish max), (made deal for Telecaster) Best Buy, National Sporting Goods Chains (sadly, no limit), Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Zingermann's (And Canters, Juniors and Jerrys, I guess, too), Lowes/Home Depot (300 max...let's not create more work), Chipotle (maybe 100 max), Kohls, Airline Travel, Apple Store, Verizon

Other: Frequent Flyer Miles, Airfare vouchers (A dozen or so film festivals on the horizon), Time Shares, Place to Stay in Paris for two (teenager whines about France=Stay with stepmom for two weeks), In London for Four, Steelers Tickets, Eagles Tickets (Shh, don't tell my wife), Pokerstars $$ (when it's legal again, LOL), Planned Travel Situation for Italy for the 'rents

Services: SEO, Final Cut Pro training for a friend, possibly design and am open to other ideas.

From my dog: Petsmart Gift Cards as well as gift cards to Mortons, Ruth's Chris and Cheesecake Factory.

Okay, the last one was from me.

Contact me at your own risk.

The man who says yes to too many things