Saturday, July 23, 2011

Script Coaching Bonuses

Twenty months later, I just finished working on the feature I was directing.  So I have space for a few more clients.  If you want to take two scripts all the way and get a master class in screenwriting during the process, sign up for script coaching.  And there are a few cool extras I can throw in to the next for clients who jump aboard this offer.

Here's my schedule for Coaching:

One to start in August.
One to start with concept/treatment in August or script in September.
Another one to start with concept/treatment in Septmber or script in October.
One to start in October. or later.

For the next four clients, sign up this month for and you will receive one of the following:

1) Free seat in one of the Champion Labs or Ellen Sandler's TV Lab near the end of the year.
2) One of the first produced copies of the Screenwriting DVD set I am working on.  4-8 DVDS, 10-20 hours...don't know the exact details yet but the retail value will be $2-400
3) $100 Discount (toward travel) and $250 credit toward any classess I do.  Am working on a weeklong workshop in Taos.
4) $150 Discount (toward travel), two tickets and invitation to some festivities at one of the upcoming film festivals I will be attending.  Might have to sign NDA from producer.

Also am really open to bartering for Frequent Flyer Miles or Travel Vouchers - Am going to be going to a lot of fests this year.

Check out coaching and let me know if you have any questions.

jim (at sign)