Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Several new benefits for my coaching and mentoring clients will far outweigh the upcoming 2013 price increase. I have been spending and will continue to spend 5-10 additional hours on each project to help not only the script, but the writer's craft, to reach its full potential. After seeing every mentoring client that attended the last Champion Lab have a similar epiphany about screenwriting craft, I am including a free seat in a 3- to 5-day class for all new clients. These 25-40 hours in the small class exponentially accelerate writers' growth.

Coaching and mentoring clients will also receive benefits that include access to loaner copies of my DVD set, voluntary homework and exercises, free online courses and up to 12 months of access to exclusive content from me including videos, craft articles and outtakes from the DVD set.

If you have been considering a big step to improve your screenwriting career, don't compare Mentoring to notes. Instead compare it to a semester at film school or a yearlong certificate program. With Mentoring and a the lab, you receive up to 100 hours of close attention with more than half-of-it being one-on-one.

"My brain grew three sizes in the Champion Lab. Jim is a film savant who analyzes a script from multiple vantage points (writer, director, coach) which results in an avalanche of insight. I'm now coaching with him and his other-worldly abilities are making a huge difference in my work." - L.H. 

Sign up and here is what you get:
  • 20-35 hours (double that for mentoring) of feedback on your script: notes, discussions, emails, calls, work-shopping scenes, etc.
  • A free seat in the $600 East Coast Champion Lab, the upcoming Online Scene Writing Class and other classes.
  • Six or twelve months of access to exclusive content including videos, craft articles and outtakes from the DVD set starting in January.
  • $100 discount on my new multi-DVD set. (Mentoring clients have option of borrowing a loaner copy) 
  • Copies of Killer Endings and/or T-Word: Theme.
Remember, you can always test the waters with the $200 Snapshot Evaluation and if you upgrade to Coaching or Mentoring, you will receive credit for the entire fee.
Seeing a movie - or better yet, your own script - through Jim's eyes is like playing a round of golf with Arnold Palmer." - John Dummer

There are a few ways Coaching can be within your budget. You can save money with a deposit, a payment plan or by taking advantage of a couple of the gift ideas below.

Make a down payment of 40% of the mentoring or coaching service by the end of the month and you will be guaranteed the current price on that service for the next 18 months -- a full year-and-a-half. The deposit is nonrefundable but can be used as a credit to any story analysis services at their regular price. When you are ready to use the service, pay the balance and we are ready to go.

"Jim is the definitive teacher. Always empathic, specific and insightful with his notes, never failing to inspire. If you work with Jim you will become the best writer you can be. Guaranteed." Geoff Parks actor/writer
And check out some other options below. 


Make the first of two or three equal payments by December 17 and take until end of February to make the final payment. Let me know it's a gift and we will send the DVD Killer Endings and a card-stock announcement that describes the service and all of the new perks above. Mentoring service will include my T-Word Theme DVD also.

Make a 50% deposit by December 17 and pay the balance by end of January. If it's a gift, we will send the DVD Killer endings and a card-stock certificate that describes the service and these perks:
  • Three months of access to exclusive content including videos, craft articles and outtakes from the DVD set, starting in January.
  • Free spot in Online Scene Writing Class (see above).
  • $75 discount on my new multi-DVD set.

 If you order by December 17 and let us know it's a gift, we will send a card-stock certificate/announcement that describes the DVD (on its way soon) and the free Online Scene Writing Class. If you order T-Word Theme or Killer Endings, there is a good chance they will arrive by December 23. Discount Code FINALLY will give you the current best deal.

If you want to give loved ones or family members a little hint about your Holiday Wish-List, send them here. Let them know if you're interested in the DVD Set or Story Analysis Services. They can email me and we can arrange for digital or hard-copy gift certificates. 

Story analysis services will go through and the DVDs through with Paypal, Credit Card or Invoice.  If you have any questions or need to discuss how to keep a gift secret, let me know.

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