Tuesday, December 20, 2016

2016 Barter Deals and Discounts

Happy Holidays!

Save 20% on Professional Analysis or Snapshot Service or 10% on coaching or Mentoring. Mentoring clients also get a free copy of my 10-hour DVD set Complete Screenwriting: From A to Z to A-list. Sign up this month and use the services anytime in the new year.

UPDATE: Get in touch with me before January 2 and you can extend the discount for a week.

Here are some reasons to take advantage of this time-sensitive offer:
  • If you sign up this month, you may be able to take a deduction on this year’s taxes.
  • You can save money now AND later. When my book comes out next year, I will be raising my personal consulting rates and offering services for beginners through a couple of my associates. However, my current clients will have my current prices fixed for them for at least six months after any changes to my prices.
  • If you want to change the life of a write in your life, purchase a gift certificate for my Coaching or Mentoring services. Don't compare Mentoring to notes. Instead compare it to a semester at film school or a yearlong certificate program. With Mentoring and either my Complete Screenwriting DVD set or a seat in an up and coming class, writers receive up to 100 hours of close attention with more than half-of-it being one-on-one.
  • If you want to give loved ones or family members a little hint about your Holiday Wish-List, send them here. Let them know if you're interested in the DVD Set or Story Analysis Services. We can set up a gift certificate.

I like being creative in my dealmaking… especially this time of year when it might allow you or someone you care about to get feedback that could really impact a script or career. PayPal invoices allow you to pay for your services with any credit or debit card. We can also work out payment plan. And of course…

My yearly barter needs list that can be all or part of a deal:


Gift cards for Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Zingermann's (And Canters, Katz’s, Juniors and Jerrys, I guess, too), Lowes/Home Depot (300 max...let's not create too much more work), Chipotle, Kohls, Apple Store (could turn to middle end), Verizon, Mortons, Ruth’s Chris, PetSmart.


Gift card for Guitar Center. Frequent Flyer Miles, used Mac Laptop (mostly for Web and Word) for my assistant, Web Design which also includes things like SEO, marketing, etc.


Flight vouchers, time shares, divorce/family attorney services in New York for family member, used car on East Coast for lifelong friend in need. Places to stay while visiting Paris or Italy.

Save $100 on DVD set until January 10

 Use Discount code 2016 and save $100 on the 6-disc set, Complete Screenwriting.
"Complete Screenwriting is more information-dense than anything ever recorded. It's so head-and-shoulders above what anyone else is teaching that It'll take a while for it to sink into most people's heads. That's actually my favorite thing about what you teach. It takes re-reading or re-watching a few times for such big concepts to integrate into your screenwriting consciousness. It's like learning algebra for the first time." - Devin M

Email me to make a deal or ask any questions!

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